About Ross Nye

Ross Nye grew up in Queensland, Australia, and worked on a cattle station with his brother for ten years. They rode all day long over very rough country, and were involved in all aspects of horse care - from breeding to breaking in, from mustering cattle to picnic races. 

When he moved to London, he was able to take over a small existing riding school, and to start his career as a fantastic teacher. He has inspired adults and children alike for over 50 years, up until his death in 2020, through his enthusiasm, his emphasis on safety and correct work practices, and his genuine belief that everyone can benefit from learning to ride. Spending time with horses will help you to develop on physical, mental, and psychological levels - and you can share the privilege of riding in Hyde Park, and enjoy the history of Central London.

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"..The outside of a horse is
good for the inside of a man"

Attributed to Sir Winston Churchill
Often quoted by Ross Nye!