pony club

Nurturing Riders for 30+ Years

At Ross Nye Stables we have always focused on providing riding for children – after all most children who live in London would not be able to have their own horses, so we try to make ours available for all the pony-crazed boys and girls!

In 1987, in recognition of the outstanding level of tuition and experience offered by Mr Nye the stables became the first ever commercial business to have a branch of the Pony Club established on site.

Over 30 years later, we now run our own unaffiliated Pony Club which children who ride here are encouraged to join to learn how to take care of the horses to become proficient in practical and theoretical matters and to improve their riding.

Ride Learn and Care

If you ride on the weekend you will be able to spend either a couple of hours or the whole day at the stables, helping to take care of the ponies and learning about their welfare.

Become a valued and important member of the team and incorporate the values of the stables – of helping others, enjoying learning and taking a mature and responsible part in the horses’ well-being. It’s not like having your own horse – it’s even better as you can ride so many different horses sometimes on the same day!

opportunities to learn

Pony Club membership is not appropriate for beginners as the sessions are run with groups of riders at different levels of experience. Trotting off the lead and cantering with an instructor are a prerequisite for joining in these sessions.

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